Graphic Design, Research, Management

14 years of experience in Academic affairs and Research management
Paris - Oxford - Chicago - Singapore

Alexandre BIOTTEAU
<b>ABOUT</b> me


After many years in Research and Higher Education, I have decided to use my left brain and to unleash my...

<B>INFOGRAPHIC</B> Students from Asia-Pacific

INFOGRAPHIC Students from Asia-Pacific

<b>SPS 2018</b> website

SPS 2018 website

Website for the 2nd USPC-NUS conference on “Science, Policy & Society” organised in Paris in 2018.   Emphasis put on...

<b>SPS 2018</b> logo & poster

SPS 2018 logo & poster

Logo & poster designed for the 2nd USPC-NUS conference on “Science, Policy & Society” organized in Paris in 2018.  ...

<b>FLYER</b> Apéro Science

FLYER Apéro Science

<b>USPC-NUS</b> Infographic

USPC-NUS Infographic

Infographic summarizing the partnership between Université Sorbonne Paris Cité (USPC) and the National University of Singapore (NUS).  

SPS 2017 tote bags

Tote bags and goodies made for the 1st USPC-NUS conference held in Singapore in 2017.