I started my journey with a strong interest in urban policies, ethnicity and crime prevention which led me to pursue a MA in Sociology and a PhD in Political science (Sciences Po, Paris). I spent one year in Oxford, another year in Chicago, and several years across France, where I have lectured for various institutions: American programmes in Paris (Trinity College, IES Abroad) and French Universities (Sciences Po, UVSQ, Université de Tours, Sciences Po Toulouse).

I have a good experience of project management too. I have worked as a consultant, project manager and Administrative Director for various universities and other organizations. I moved to Singapore in 2016, where I worked for the National University (NUS) and INSEAD Asia campus as project manager and associate director for Research administration.

I especially enjoy working with students and Faculty from international background. I am fond of intercultural communication, self-management and organizational skills.

Besides many years in Research and Higher Education, I also like using my left brain and dedicate some time for Graphic Design and Data visualization. I love designing visual presentations, coding new websites and creating communication tools. I am currently working on various scientific and personal projects and will be happy to discuss other projects in this field.

Please do not hesitate to drop me a line!