LIEPP website
LIEPP website

LIEPP website

As the administrative director of the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP) at Sciences Po, I implemented the communication strateg and created communication tools. I was responsible for the design and the administration of a dedicated website:

  • Initial design of the structure and its main topics.
  • Coding of the first version of the website (HTLM+Javascript+CSS).
  • Design of a second version on Drupal, along with the IT dept at Sciences Po.
  • Daily administration and supervision of updates from the team.
  • Implementation of a newsletter, a Twitter account and a Facebook page.
  • Some of the main tools included:
    • Researcher’s directory based on their academic affiliation and research areas (
    • Coordination of any information on LIEPP research project, academic events, and publications on a specific topic (
    • Handling LIEPP publications with sorting filters based on categories, themes and authors (